Meet Me


I have always wanted to be some kind of artist, but spent the majority of my life “fixing” instead of “creating”. There is a need in me to create and display the people, places and things populating the shadows of my mind. Digital Art has allowed me to share a bit of myself with you.
The creation of Luzmeria has been a special project that I poured my heart into and hope you enjoy the stories and portraits. This project has let me feel like I have been able to put some vibes of positivity and inclusiveness out into the ether. I have had a great time imagining each character with their own unique look, personalities, strengths, and weaknesses. Each trying to live their best life.
I also enjoy looking for beauty in the world, in all it’s varied shapes. I found it fun and sometimes surprising what the end result was. I don’t want to define beauty to closely, I think I will continue to judge beauty on a case by case basis.
Beauty can be found in something as minor as watching a tree’s branches sway above a rooftop, or obvious as a model on the runway. I can see the beauty to be found in the tale told by the old man’s wrinkled skin and mischievious eyes, the lines of a building, or even the ebb and flow of the evening commute. Where do you see beauty…
In the end, I just want to say thanks for being curious enough about me to take the time to read this. Stay safe, have fun, and keep your family close (and no family is not defined by genetics)!


Let’s talk. I welcome all comments, questions, and requests.